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Low Iron Help

Designed to help those that struggle with anemia, or just need a bigger boost in iron.


Whole Body Detox

Designed to help detox the liver, kidneys, blood & tissues of the body. Provides a natural energy boost, as well as helps strengthen the immune system.


Irish Sea Moss

Naturally eliminates mucus, and phlegm. Helps fight infections, and great for hormonal imbalances, due to thyroid diorders.


Electric Alkaline

Filled with items that are high in alkalinity on the ph scale.


Cancer Help

Created to be an overload of nutrients, vitamins & minerals needed while exposed to Western style cancer treatments. Helps with loss of sleep, helps kill cancer cells & free radicals in the body. energy, bowel movements, immune health, and pain.


Men's Multivitamin

Created to help with nutrients needed to increase muscle tone, helps increase testosterone, helps with needed fiber, increases energy, & boosts immune system.


Black Seed

Black seed is excellant for constipation, gas, asthma, bronchitis, lowers cholesterol, helps with different skin conditions, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases.


Hair Growth

Created to strengthen hair, and retain nutrients, & moisture. As well as, supply needed nutrients to skin and nails.


Parasite Cleanse

Helps the body natural kill, and rid parasites.



Full of folic acid, omega 6, fiber,  DHA and iron all from natural sources. Pretty much  everything your baby needs.


Women's Everyday

Helps supply the daily nutrients & vitamins a woman needs in all areas. Immune health,  fiber, energy booster, as well as support of feminine hormones.


MCT Oil Powder

Helps increase the growth of good bacteria, increases ketone production, curbs your hunger, and helps aid in fat & weight loss.


Heavy Metal Detox

Helps detox the heavy metals such as aluminum from the tissues, and brain. Toxins accumulate over time from rusted water piping, vaccines, and polluted air. Helps improve brain function.



It doesn't contain any hormones. It helps improve the testosterone balance by triggering the body to produce more, and naturally regulate the amount it does make. 


Low Breast Milk

Designed to naturally stimulate & develop milk duct, and glands. In addition, add increased nutrients, and minerals to the breast milk.


Elderberry & Echinacea (seasonal)

Elderberry, is full of antioxidants, an immune system booster & a natural cough suppressant.  Echinacea, a powerful flu fighter, make a great combo.


Postpartum Health

Created to help align the hormonal imbalance after giving birth. Helps with hair thinning, depression,  even helps some in breast milk production.


Cold & Allergy

Created to help with allergy symptoms, and symptoms related to the common cold. Herbs in this are a natural antihistamine. 


Happy Mood

Naturally helps with hormonal imbalances that can lead to depression, helps with the ability to calm down & helps with lack of sleep.


Women's Fertility

Naturally helps reduce

inflammation of ovaries, uterus,  & fallopian tubes. Helps regulate cycles, helps with hormonal imbalances due to thyroid issues, or too much testosterone.


Acid Reflux

Naturally helps with calming high levels of digestive acid, that leads to stomach upset, heart burn, & belching.


Sleeping Aid

Naturally helps with being able to calm down, relax & have a good nights sleep.


Bad Cycles

Created to help with pain from cycles, regulates cycles, and helps replace nutrients from heavy cycles.



Created to help with annoying symptoms of menopause; night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, low iron, & low calcium. Kelp & soursop both help fight free radicals, what creates cancer cells in the body.


Maca Root

Red maca is better for woman, it's great for uterine health to bring a huge boost in estrogen for pregancy.

This page is for general info only. Go to the supplement page to order. Please still do your own research before purchasing.